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​Ottawa Key Shop has been serving the Hamilton community since 1939, with the same family running the business since 1972. We use best practices to excel in the locksmith industry, focusing on both small and large businesses; because, after all, everyone requires quality security solutions. With our safety locks in Hamilton, you can sleep in peace, for they are durable and provide the safety you are looking for.


Working on residential and commercial properties, we’ve successfully outfitted schools, hospitals, offices, condominiums, and more with top-of-the-line lock systems. By providing effective doors, locks, and key systems, the Ottawa Key Shop team ensures that Southern Ontario has a reliable source for safety solutions – even offering 24/7 service for our commercial and property management accounts.

Ottawa Key Shop: Trusted Hamilton Locksmiths Since 1939


Where Modern Meets Traditional

Our old-world workmanship and attention to detail, combined with new-world technology, has resulted in Ottawa Key Shop becoming an industry leader in security products and specialized access services. Contact us to learn more about how our safety solutions can help keep your home or business safe.

At Ottawa Key Shop, we are competent in resolving all kinds of lockout emergencies. Our professional locksmiths have years of experience in all kinds of repair and replacement jobs. Whether you need a new key or you want to get your lock repaired, we can help you in any kind of emergency.


Our professional locksmiths are competent in repairing all kinds of locks. Whether you have a padlock or a digital lock, when you entrust the job to us, we ensure that you can gain access to your premises without any delay.

Experienced Professionals & Exceptional Services

At Ottawa Key Shop, we are known for our quick response to all kinds of lockout emergencies. When you give us a call, we immediately dispatch our team to your location so that you can gain access to your premises without any delay. Call us to know more about our expert locksmith services in Hamilton.

24/7 Emergency Service

We service clients across Hamilton. Over the years of serving our patrons across the city, we have acquired a strong reputation as Hamilton’s most reliable locksmith. We can also provide you with durable and high-performance safety locks in Hamilton for all your security needs. Call us to learn more!

Reliable Safety Locks in Hamilton

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