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Innovative Lock Products and Door Hardware in Hamilton

Offering Southern Ontario clients high-quality lock products, we ensure that, no matter what your security needs, there is a solution for you at Ottawa Key Shop.From commercial door systems to residential master keys, safes to closed circuit, you are sure to find the exact tools to optimize your security system. Dealing with the most reputable manufacturers, we ensure that your customers receive only the top-quality products available. Count on us for high-quality door hardware products in Hamilton.


We know that these lock products and hardware will be a one-time investment for you. Our products come with a guarantee and you can expect high durability. The opening and closing speed of our door hardware can be easily adjusted using valves. Visit our showroom in Hamilton for door hardware and get high performing products at competitive prices.


Specialized Hardware

Security is important, especially for the most vulnerable of our population, which is why we provide industry-leading hardware for schools and hospitals. Offering the best possible safety solutions to these important locations, we offer a range of security products including:

General hardware

Automated doors

Electric locks

Relays and timers

Door activation devices

Push button systems

…and more

Custom Safety Products

Every business is unique; and, as such, has varying security requirements. This is precisely why Ottawa Key Shop creates customized security equipment, allowing commercial clients to personalize their safety, making it ideal for their individual needs. We offer many unique safety items such as custom keys; which, through their matchlessness, fortify your security. Among our many specialized products are:

Safety padlocks (American Padlocks)

Specialty keys, customized to suit your specific needs

Other safety products – contact Ottawa Key Shop to discuss your desired modifications.

Featured Products

In order to meet the diverse security requirements of our valued clients, both commercial and residential, we offer a wide variety of products including:

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Commercial/Residential Door Locks

Security for the entrance/exits of your home and business. Available in a range of types and styles depending on the structure of your doors.

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Door Closers & Openers

Both manual and automatic options, allowing you to control the force with which your doors close.

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Mortise Locks

Lock solutions that require a hole in the door in which it is placed. Fortifies security by tethering the lock’s base.

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Coming in many types and styles, these provide secure storage for all of your items from weapons to jewellery, cash to paperwork.

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Mechanical and electronic tools accounting for the modernizing requirements of the security industry – programmed to match keys exactly.

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Audit Trail Products

Record keeping device providing full knowledge and documentation of security details (ex: entrance and exit records).

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Mechanical/Electronic Access Control

Customized solutions allowing you full control over who has access to your facility at any given time.

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High Security Locks

Designed to resist all forms of tampering, these items have failsafe security protocols, activating a secondary lock when the first is compromised.

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Leverset Items

Items which automatically bolt and secure the door after it is closed.

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Keys and Key Blanks

Cut to fit your lock exactly – the item starts as a blank and is contoured to match your lock precisely.

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Magnetic Locks

A lock using the force of magnets to secure the door when engaged.

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Electronic Transponder Keys

Run by microchips, these keys require the identity of the receiver to match with that of the transmitter before providing access to the location.

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Sturdy lock solutions, coming in a variety of sizes and materials. They are either combination or key-based.

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Push Button/Card Access Locks

Ideal for businesses with multiple employees, these allow you to individualize access with either cards or number-based codes. Works well with audit trail systems.

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Electric Strikes

An electronic system locking and unlocking the door through the application of an electric pulse. This option works well as a failsafe security feature.

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Utility and Cabinet Locks

Locking systems which allow you to safeguard files, precious items, and even desk drawers.

For every security need, there is an ideally-suited product to ensure the location in question is safely guarded by top of the line technology. To discuss which option will best meet your needs, contact the experts at Ottawa Key Shop today.

Find The Perfect Security Solution For Your Needs

Ottawa Key Shop keeps your home and business safe with ideally-suited security products.

We also provide locksmith services for commercial and residential properties. 

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