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Are you looking for the added convenience of an automatic door opener in Hamilton? Providing Hamilton and Southern Ontario clients with top-of-the-line solutions, we ensure your automated door is effective and secure. This helpful feature assists in many situations, from improving your building’s accessibility to bettering the flow of foot traffic in your industrial environment. Ottawa Key Shop provides quality automatic door openers in Hamilton for both residential and commercial properties.

Automatic Door Openers for Residential and Commercial in Hamilton

When an automatic device is installed on the door, the aim is to let it operate without manual intervention. Automatic doors work on the principle of sensor motions. Once the sensors are triggered, they automatically open the door. Ottawa Key Shop can bring diverse solutions to add value to your property. With our quality automatic door openers in Hamilton, make your property stylish, modern and safe.

How Does This Work?

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Diverse Range of Products

So as to account for the wide-ranging needs of our valued customers, we carry a diverse supply of automated systems such as:

  • ​Exit devices

  • ​Panic bars

  • ​Pneumatic openers (for a slower open)

With a team of experienced professionals on your commercial location, automatically modernize your business. If you have a swing door that you wish to keep yet still want to upgrade to this technology, our skilled technicians can establish a push-button system, so it opens on command. Contact the Ottawa Key Shop to discover how automatic doors can help your business thrive.

Professional Installation Services

Automated door openers are designed to make your life easier. Despite the high initial cost, this does not have to be a recurring investment. You can take steps to ensure that your automatic doors last for an extended period.

Regular automated door maintenance is required to maintain automatic door safety, operational efficiency, and long-term dependability. Maintenance standards, such as the frequency of needed service, are often provided by the manufacturer.

Automated door maintenance should generally be performed at least once a year - depending on usage and other factors. Maintenance should be performed at least twice a year for heavy-traffic buildings.

It is critical to conduct regular inspections and risk assessments. It is also the owner's obligation to ensure that all maintenance performed on their automated door is documented for future reference. For any further questions regarding our automatic door openers services in Hamilton or to schedule a service, don’t hesitate to call us.

Automatic Doors and Their Maintenance

Automatic sliding doors provide quick access to a facility in various commercial and industrial settings. They are significant for a variety of reasons, including the following:


  • They are handy to use since people may pass through them without having to open a heavy door.

  • People with impairments can enter buildings with automatic door openers in Hamilton, which is fantastic for solving accessibility issues.

  • Automatic sliding doors allow you to make the most of the available space in a structure. Because of its space-saving feature, it is ideal for enterprises in smaller spaces.

  • Another key factor is the safety of automated doors. Security staff can simply regulate the doors, allowing them to be fully deactivated if a danger is detected. Most automated doors also include a lock mechanism, which increases security and gives the user more control.

  • Because they limit direct touch with the door opener, automatic doors are a more sanitary solution than manually operated doors.

Why Are Automatic Doors Important?

Have you ever noticed a door opener glide open? You might have wondered how an automated door stays open. Sensors assist you in this endeavour. Pressure, sound, motion, and light are some of the sensors that cause automated doors to open. The gear motor is activated to drive the pulley and belt when the automatic doors receive an activation signal from the sensor.

Some automated sliding doors include a rubber mat in front of them that sends signals to the doors when you step on them. Sensors situated above the doors or on the door frame can also be used to open automatic doors when you approach near enough.

How Do You Keep Automatic Doors Open?

Modernize your business with high-quality automatic doors in Hamilton. We also provide commercial and industrial locksmith solutions in Hamilton.

Add Convenience & Upgrade Security

Automatic doors can be quite fragile at times, and it is why children should be kept away from door opener controls to avoid negligent operation. If possible, place your push button wall control at least 5 feet from the ground and where you can see the door. Remote controllers and transmitters should not be considered toys, and playing with them should be discouraged.

How to Keep Automatic Doors Safe

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